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Taiko workshop
taiko workshop

taiko workshoptaiko workshop taiko workshop taiko workshop taiko workshop taiko workshop
Taiko workshop with performance

If you would like to see taiko performance, we arrange it as well. How about Taiko lesson with Taiko performance by professional players? We can arrange the performance of professional taiko group. Please feel free to contact us. We arrange everything for your workshop which includes place, instruments, and teachers.

For example:
Taiko workshop for MS corporation asia district employees (about 200 participants).



Taiko-Lab is the biggest taiko school in the world. Taiko Center Co., Ltd. has 23 schools in Japan. Only Japanese residents can take these classes.

Taiko studio in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo
One day class

Students completes one song in one day. It is held at our taiko school, "TAIKO LAB" in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

Regular class

Students practices a taiko piece two or three days in a month at our taiko school "TAIKO LAB" in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. It continues about six months.

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Go to Taiko Lab UMEKITA (Japanese)
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Go to Taiko Lab ASAKUSA TOKYO(Japanese)

Taiko Center

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