This is 1 hour-long group taiko drumming class for tourists from all over the world.You will learn the basic taiko technique, simple traditional song, as well as some history and structure of taiko. No experience or Japanese language needed!We offer an opportunity for you to experience the local culture in first hand.Come empty handed and you will leave with an unforgettable memory!

*Please note that this is essentially a group class. If there is any other tourists who signs up for the same time slot as you, you will be participating in a lesson along with them. Otherwise you might be on your own in the class.




If you and your group have specific requests or needs, we strongly suggest you consider booking a private class. At your request, we are thrilled to create a unique taiko experience for you and your group.
A few examples of requests we receive are, ”We would like to see a taiko performance at the end of our class”, or “Our company would like to use this as a team building opportunity”.

We can hold classes and performances at our studios or temples and hotels. Here are a few examples of the types of people we recommend to take our private classes:

  • Teachers,Proffessors

    Why not incorporate Taiko into your next school trip? Taiko drumming is a high energy activity that presents an opportunity for students to learn about local culture while having fun! We can accommodate groups of any size and if you’d like, we can incorporate short histories of Taiko and traditional Japanese music culture, or share the stories and philosophy behind Japanese manners and greetings during the lesson. We can also the lesson with a little competition at the end, giving students an opportunity to bond as a class!

  • Professional musicians and drummers

    If you are musically inclined, a private class will allow you to learn at your own pace and work on pieces that match both your interest and skills. In one instance, we had the chance to teach a drummer from a world famous rock band. Because he arranged for a private lesson, we were able to custom create a lesson plan that was challenging and fit his interests.

  • Tour agents

    Finding unique activities to schedule is crucial for any tour. Taiko Center can accommodate groups of any size and people of all nationalities and ages. Bring your group to us and you can be confident that everything will be taken care of professionally! Also, at your request, our instructors can do a rousing performance at the end of the lesson, giving your tour group an exciting opportunity to take photos and videos as mementos. (Please note that there is an additional cost for performances.)

  • Corporate leaders

    Both fun and challenging, Taiko drums are a perfect activity for team building! We can work with participants in a big group, encouraging participants to work with each other, or split them into smaller group, asking them to compete with each other. Taiko is a great bonding opportunity, and also a chance to get a quality workout and relieve stress together with your colleagues! We recommend 2-3 hour lessons for team building classes with participants performing for each other at the end of the lesson. For large groups (30-100 people), we often have 2-3 people per drum.

  • Leaders of taiko groups

    Many of Taiko Center’s instructors have years of experience performing professionally. These particularly experienced instructors can be specially chosen to teach your lesson if you belong to an experienced taiko group and would like a high level lesson. We can help your group learn a new piece, improve their technique, or perfect a piece you’ve been working on. Lessons can take place over a single session or several if you desire.

  • Managers for VIP clients

    Being famous should not make it harder to have fun! We understand the importance of privacy, and can guarantee a private class for your client where they can enjoy themselves without fear of being interrupted or disturbed. We have a great deal of experience hosting VIP guests under these conditions.

taiko experience in temple


Just want to see a taiko performance without doing a taiko class?
– We can arrange that too!

We can also send our performers to your company parties at hotel, school trip venue, event hall and so on. If you are here when we are hosting a taiko concert, we will be able to reserve the tickets for you as well. Performance prices are completely different from the class prices, so please contact us if you are interested in this option. Please see the list of performance groups below for more details regarding the performers.

Adding performance by the instructors as a part of the private taiko class

Our customers often like to end their taiko class with a professional taiko performance, and our instructors who are also active and accomplished performers will be able to do just that! Performances will be an additional cost on top of the class, and the price will be determined according to the length of the performance and the number of performers involved. Please contact us regarding this option.

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