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  • Taiko Center Co., Ltd.
  • Taiko Center Co., Ltd.

Taiko-Center Co., Ltd.

Taiko Center is one of the largest and most active Japanese Taiko drumming companies in the world, offering classes, performance and Taiko Equipment for over 20 years.
We believe playing Taiko is good for both your body and the mind, so it is our wish that everyone in the world, from children to seniors experience the joy and energy of Taiko drumming.

If you are in Japan, we hope you join us to try authentic Taiko drumming for the first time!


Please see our FAQ if you have any questions regarding Japanese Taiko drums, their history or maintenance.

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In our Taiko classes, you can get a taste of authentic Japanese culture, no experience or knowledge of the Japanese language needed!

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Our performance troupes and staff tailor each show according to our host’s wishes and our venue.

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TAIKO-CENTER 30th Anniversary Concert 「MUSUBU」

TAIKO-CENTER 30th Anniversary Concert
「Wadaiko Player Kinoko Chujo vol.3 ~MUSUBU~」

16th February 2019 Kyoto Hall ALTI (MAP/WEB SITE) ADV 5000JPY/DOOR 5500JPY

Open 18:00/Start 18:30

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